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acting, adam sandler, anime, being random, blinkies, blue eyes, chatting on aim, comedies, conan o'brien, dancing, dippin dots, diving, dreaming, drinking water, driving, driving people crazy, eminem, exercising, feeling fear, going to the mall, gothika, gymnastics, halle berry, hanging with friends, hot guys, jack nicholson, laughing, lifting weights, lil jon, linkin park, listening to music, mermaids, necklaces, nike shox, parties, poetry, reading horoscopes, rings, running, sailor chibimoon, sailor jupiter, sailor mars, sailor mercury, sailor moon, sailor moon dolls, sailor neptune, sailor pluto, sailor saturn, sailor uranus, sailor venus, scary movies, screaming at scary movies, sesame chicken, smiling, south park, subway, swimming, talking on the phone, tennis, the offspring, the shining, will smith, writing, writing stories, ying yang twins
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